Think of The Hive urban market as an old fashioned general store!

American food is increasingly channeled through a handful of companies: Amazon, Walmart, FreshDirect, Blue Apron. What do we lose if traditional neighborhood supermarkets go under? A lot.

designated as a “food desert” the downtown Janesville neighborhood benefits from a modern urban grocery store that has just what you need - where you need it when you need it.

in addition to fresh food and common nonperishable items, the hive urban market also makes space for ice cream, a bakery, and a small retail area.

the hive urban market is compact and tailored specifically for the neighborhood it serves, and the people who frequent it. the hive urban market offers a little bit of everything, from coffee and freshly prepared grab-and-go offerings to conventional grocery and convenience items, and always tons of locally sourced products from a long list of unique brands and producers.

Operating multiple methods of generating revenue within The Hive will utilize the space and create the ability to employ an additional layer of people.