Board of directors: Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.

The hive board of directors are members of our community. they are leaders, business owners, volunteers, friends and neighbors.


Julie Servantez, president

 Becoming a beekeeper started as an "environmental" project that turned into a lesson on "how to be a better community".

Growing up in Janesville created strong connections to the places and spaces where I lived. Finding a way to work collectively and sustainably to give back became my new “job” after retiring from public schools.

By combining some of my favorite pastimes, food, local food culture, dining out and nonprofit philanthropy turned into the perfect mash up for creating The Hive.

Our community is full of many wonderful, caring and generous people who have embraced The Hive concept.

During my free time I tend to my hives, my dog and my cats. I am an avid cook and baker testing my skills on friends and family. I love to travel, with an itinerary that centers around food and culture! I make sure to find local honey to bring home as a souvenir!

Steven Servantez, Vice President

 As an owner and veterinarian at Badger Veterinary Hospital, in Janesville, WI, my compassion doesn’t stop at animals! “Service above Self”, the Rotarian’s motto, is what drives me to participate in several community nonprofits. I feel that helping others in the community, animals or humans, build that community into a vibrant place.

In addition to The Hive, I serve on the board of Janesville Noon Rotary, Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin, The Belize Zoo and Neotropical Conservancy and Kids Against Hunger. Knowing what needs to be done, making a plan and working to help others in the community inspires me to leave this world a better place. The Hive is one more component to helping with community and world change.

When not taking care of dogs, cats and other family pets, I enjoy photographing wildlife, watching movies, maintaining a prairie, cooking with friends or taking a drive in my 1978 VW Bus.

Joseph J. Wollinger, Board Member

Food is my profession and my passion. As a Culinary Arts Instructor at Blackhawk Technical College I help teach the joy as well as the science of preparing good food.

I am very proud of my students and take every opportunity to show them off during cooking events we hold for the public.

I am strong advocate for local food and for the growers of what we eat. Farming big or small is a culture that cannot be lost to future generations. It is an important part of who we are and where we came from. 

I see The Hive as a place that will not only hire folks with barriers to employment but will be a connection between the community and local food. Building that relationship is a win-win for everyone!

What free time I have, I love spending it with my family and working on my organic farm!

Gary L Bersell, Board Member

My career spans many years serving the community as the Executive Director KANDU Industries Inc. I am proud to have helped make opportunities for people with disabilities connect with places that focus on their abilities.

My wife and I met in our local 4H club! Our family currently consists of 6 children, 15 grand kids and 6 great grand kids!

 I have a passion to give back to the community that has given my family so much. Nonprofit work is a wonderful fit for me, and I reside on many local Boards including: Friends of Noah, Janesville Noon Rotary and now The Hive.

 I am a pianist and have a rescue dog named Lenny that likes to sing with me!

Randi Vicenzi, secretary

I have been an Administrative Assistant at an intermediate school for the past 18 years.

In addition to caring for 700+ children, I serve on the executive board for the Belize Zoo Neotropical Conservancy, a non-profit dedicated to the conservation of neotropic wildlife and their habitat.  Additionally, I am a committee member for Noah’s Animal Fund, a nonprofit which enables community members to provide much needed medical care for their pets.

Working and volunteering in the non-profit world has instilled in me a commitment to inclusion and collaboration. I was drawn to The Hive because of its dedication to social consciousness and how it builds empathy and drives community members towards a common goal.

In my free time I enjoy traveling and exploring new destinations and cultures with friends and family.

Kelli Cameron, treasurer

 I am a native of Milton, Wisconsin. I now call Janesville my hometown! I am the Director of Provider Recruitment and Retention for Mercyhealth. I am a proud Iowa State grad with a degree in Agricultural Education and earned my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction/Organizational Development from Purdue University.

 I have a passion for nonprofit work and am currently active with the Janesville Morning Rotary Club, GIFTS Men’s Homeless Shelter, the Women’s Fund of Rock County, and the Iowa State University Alumni Association Board of Directors. 

 My strong background in agriculture, education and nonprofits drew me to The Hive and what it could do for the community.

 I will admit to being addicted to coffee!  While I have no fancy super powers like flying or ninja skills, I am often referred to as a human rolodex and have the ability to make anyone smile.

 In my free time, I enjoy gardening and traveling. 

Jon Cruzan, Board Member

You can’t control whether you’re a native, but you can control whether you’re a local. Locals are committed. You find locals at café’s, at their kid’s elementary schools, in civic organizations, in neighborhoods.

I was fortunate to enjoy 2 major careers while living in Milton.  First was teaching seventh graders followed by nearly 40 years in human resources here in Janesville.

Spending that much time in HR created hundreds if not thousands of relationships. That career solidified my belief in the absolute necessity of creating and maintaining positive relationships.

I am heavily invested in the community. I consider my many activities as part of the civic rent  for what has been given to me and my family.

I am a caregiver for a handful of individuals. I am very involved in my church. I am a cyclist and find my bike to be my exercise and my relaxation.  I am an avid reader.