The Hive is a full-service all-day cafe serving comfort food: The cuisine of what we know, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Comfort foods reflect the melting pot of where we were born and how we were raised, as well as the people we know and the stories we’ve heard. Comfort foods make life better by feeding our spirit. The Hive’s aim is to transform the idea of family through food and drink in a lively atmosphere. The menu will be inspired by combining cultures and comfort. Featured neighborhoods, as well as the backgrounds of our community, will create a menu that will appeal to a diverse clientele.

Part café, part restaurant, part work space, part community center, the all-day cafe is the fabled “third place” between work and home that so many cafe owners strive to achieve. All-day cafes make a neighborhood feel like a community. The all-day cafe philosophy reshapes the way we eat, cook, and design our lives. The Hive desires to be many things to many people, to reflect how they live, and to give everyone a place to feel at home.

For the Hive, it’s about creating a community space. In this sense, the restaurant meets the demands of a mobile economy that takes work out of the office. People need a place to gather, whether for coffee while reading through emails, afternoon meetings with clients, or cocktails before dinner with friends.

The Hive menu has a strong emphasis on healthy food that is ethically raised and as local as possible. The Hive is driven by seasonal cooking and strives to source local and regional ingredients at the height of freshness, by contracting with food and farm cooperatives and nonprofits in order to support their sustainability efforts. The menu is crafted simply and balanced, and is inspired by new techniques, current food trends, and the community and its resources.


The Hive Menu

Served all day