It establishes CONNECTIONS: by supporting relationships.

The Hive keeps the supply chain short. Seeking out and building relationships with local producers helps cut the time between harvest and delivery. This, in turn, ensures fresher food and less waste between the field and the table.

It never hurts to support our local economy. We want to keep our money local, but also foster relationships with other business people in our neighborhood.

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service latest data (2017) reports there are 251,094 acres of land used for vegetables and vegetables harvested for sale in Rock County, Wisconsin.

According to, the average commute for fruit and vegetables in the United States is 1500 miles. For that reason commercially grown fruit and veggies are engineered to withstand travel over long distances. Local foods travel a fraction of that distance which helps maintain their appearance, taste and nutrients.

Anyone with a garden can attest to this fact. Just like homemade bread beats the store-bought variety, wholesale vegetables and fruits just don’t compare to local garden goods.

Because local foods are based on the seasons, The Hive will rotate our menu items, based on availability. What better way to come up with daily specials, than looking at the ingredients at the local farmers market?

Local foods are generally easier on the environment than large-scale farms. They use less energy for harvesting and transportation and many small farms are organic and don’t use pesticides, hormones or other chemicals.

Small farms, once a trademark of the United States, are a dying breed. Supporting local farmers helps keep them in business, which in turns keeps the countryside intact, preventing OUR town from becoming Anytown, USA.