it fosters concepts: through encouraging others.

The hive commercial kitchen can support most food preparation. baking, produce preparation and processing, deli prep and limited meat processing to name a few.

with a strong sustainability policy, potential waste can be addressed by a well-defined food preservation plan. purchasing products during peak seasons and creating value-added food products under the hive brand will create little waste while adding ways to support our food producers.

the hive will open our “kitchen studio” regularly to the public for educational opportunities. The hive will offer training to teach the community how to choose and prepare local food for their own consumption.

the hive will partner with culinary vocational programs to train using a real kitchen in real time.

The Hive will utilize its commercial kitchen during non-working hours by offering food startups or individuals seeking to sell food to the public a legal place to prepare their products. want to start a food business? we are happy to help – contact us for details!