It’s about COMMUNITY: with the expectation of being the best neighbors we can be.

The Hive’s aim is to transform the idea of food and drink in a lively atmosphere. Our menu is inspired by combining cultures and comfort. Featured neighborhoods, as well as the backgrounds of our community, has created a menu that appeals to a diverse clientele.

Part bistro,  part workspace, part community center, The Hive is the fabled “third place” between work and home. The Hive makes our neighborhood feel like a community.

For the Hive, it’s about creating a community space. In this sense, the restaurant meets the demands of a mobile economy that takes work out of the office. People need a place to gather, whether for coffee while reading through emails, afternoon meetings with clients, or cocktails before dinner with friends. The Hive is at the forefront of patrons’ minds when it comes to a place to hang out.

People want to do something that is greater than themselves. The Hive is for the community. The Hive offers a culture that everyone can be proud to be a part of and The success of a good neighborhood is great neighbors!

You will become an instrument of change, and we promise you will leave The Hive a better person.