It starts with COLLABORATION: with the vision of innovation through local partnerships.

Many in our community face adversities most cannot relate to, but these challenges do not need to stand in the way of steady employment. Through collaboration with our non-profit partners, we ensure that our hiring process is executed in the most efficient and effective way possible. Rather than try and reinvent the wheel, we know that our partner organizations have long-time expertise, systems, and programs in place already. We trust our partners to use our services in a way that will benefit their clients in the best way possible.

By dining at The Hive, you’re supporting individuals to learn valuable work and life skills. The Hive provides hands-on training in the food and customer service industries, and help equip staff to secure jobs more specific to their skill sets later on.

This training model is built on a foundation of technical skills to compete in today’s global market. The Hive offers training opportunities for people needing a solid work history, improved skill sets, self-sustaining qualifications, and we work with existing community vocational programs to support this model.

The Hive believes in giving people a hand up and not a handout. Our trained staff can go on to work at restaurants and catering companies, giving them the opportunity to exit poverty for good.

From life without many opportunities to financial independence, The Hive’s goals are enthusiastic, to say the least.