It encourages CELEBRATION: by promoting the community.

Whether you call it downtown, the village square or Main Street, there is one place in every city or town where neighbors come to eat, shop and be together. Downtowns are the heartbeat of our communities, and they are also key indicators of larger social and economic trends. A thriving downtown means successful businesses, engaged citizens, cultural events and jobs.

People thrive when communities thrive. Bringing life back to neglected downtowns is vital for the overall well-being of cities and towns, as well as for their residents.

When you find yourself in a downtown that looks inviting and clean — and that has public art — you are more likely to eat, shop, grab a coffee, snap a selfie and come back in the future.

In an effort to celebrate these beautification projects and bring community members together, The Hive sponsors many family-friendly events throughout the year. Our community room can host book clubs, parent groups, learning opportunities, cooking classes, meet & greets - anything that helps people connect and engage in a safe friendly atmosphere.

It’s The Hive’s privilege to help people celebrate our downtowns and we embrace what makes our downtown such A great place to do business!