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building a vibrant community


starts with you

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we're working to open janesville’s 1st and only nonprofit bistro! 

to create a socially conscious experience that through eating, drinking, and gathering, will positively change lives in our community.

Will you help us?

I want to help!

It starts with COLLABORATION:

with the vision of innovation through local partnerships.

The Hive model collaborates with vocational programs for hiring and job training turning individuals with barriers to employment into food preparers, servers, and cooks.

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It’s about COMMUNITY:

with the expectation of being the best neighbors we can be.

The Hive vision is to build social and common good through eating together. working with our many established partnerships, The Hive will offer community enrichment opportunities through need based outreach projects. The hive will make connections and create friendships in a sustainable and reproducible way.

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It establishes CONNECTIONS:

by supporting relationships.

Local growers and producers will help fill the fresh food void and ease food insecurity. Surrounding neighborhoods have the opportunity to eat fresh food while community supported agriculture benefits from additional market opportunities.

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It encourages CELEBRATION:

by promoting the community.

you support the local economy by shopping, eating, biking, walking and gathering to participate in festivals and activities that represent the very best of our city.

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It fosters CONCEPTS:

through encouraging others.

Community members interested in developing a food related business can now have the opportunity to create, test, prepare and sell to the public using a legal commercial kitchen. Testing ideas, gaining knowledge and skills before taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

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It thrives through CONTRIBUTIONS:

making dreams into realities.

The Hive is built by the community for the community. Pride of ownership is shared by every single person who donates, works, shares, believes in, grows for, and eats at The Hive.

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