Connecting food, drink & friendship with local charitable causes.






The Hive concept continues to develop into a reality. The website will appear as though the project exists in SomeWhere, USA.

The Hive has every expectation to be a prosperous and thriving restaurant.  Please check back often as The Hive progresses!




The Hive Mission

The Hive mission is to create a socially conscious experience that through eating, drinking, and gathering, will positively change lives in our community.

The Hive Vision

The Hive vision is to revolutionize the way people pay it forward in their community by connecting food, drink, and friendship with local charitable causes.




The Hive Story





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Imagine you’re sitting in a hip restaurant that has a unique yet comfortable atmosphere. Everything about it welcomes you: the environment, the staff, the other patrons. It has an authentic and local vibe.

You are among family and friends sharing stories. You feel a part of your community. And you’re about to savor fresh and delicious fare and a handcrafted cocktail or locally brewed beer. Every one of your senses is now wrapped up in the experience. But this particular restaurant also leaves an impression on your heart.

Because every dollar you spend will go toward a cause that you feel passionate about.


The Hive is a nonprofit social enterprise that operates 501(c)3 restaurant. Our focus is on building the social and common good through community engagement. When our community succeeds, we all succeed!

The Hive model is two-fold: It partners with local existing nonprofits and focuses on raising money and awareness for these nonprofits in a sustainable and reproducible way, and it collaborates with vocational programs for job training. The success of this operation depends a great deal on the cohesiveness of the two functional organizational units. The Hive has every expectation to be a prosperous and thriving restaurant.  



Organizations exist to enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

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Nonprofit Partnership:

The Hive is an organization that functions as a conduit for local philanthropy. The average nonprofit’s budget is spent mostly on staff and materials to manage fundraising. A recent study estimates that more than one-third of every donation received by the average nonprofit is reinvested into fundraising.  Simply by running a successful restaurant, The Hive would allow its featured charities to focus on advancing their missions by raising money and awareness for them in a sustainable and reproducible way.  Rock County hosts a large number of nonprofits. By supporting other local charities, The Hive’s net profits not only offer financial assistance for their missions, but also engage members of the community in important acts of social change that are happening every day. 

Vocational Partnership:

By dining at The Hive, you’re supporting individuals to learn valuable work and life skills. The Hive will provide hands-on training in the food and customer service industries, and help equip staff to secure jobs more specific to their skill sets later on. This training model is built on a foundation of technical skills to compete in today’s global market. The Hive will offer training opportunities for people needing a solid work history, improved skill sets, self-sustaining qualifications, and will work with existing community vocational programs to support this model. Many in our community face adversities most cannot relate to, but these challenges do not need to stand in the way of steady employment. The Hive will partner with experts in the vocational training industry to help develop a program that will provide reliable sources of income. From life without many opportunities to financial independence, The Hive’s goals are enthusiastic, to say the least.

Perhaps the greatest concern of this endeavor is balancing both sides of the coin: the mission and the business. The Hive as an organization will focus first on being a successful restaurant. The success of each component requires extra care and effort; however, with a well-defined plan, the community’s support and a staff with a vision, this tightrope can be successfully maneuvered and the mission well served.